Official Line Up for Beats x Beers Flint @ Flint Water Festival

Beats x Beers will be stopping in Flint on July 4th during the stint of the official tour for Flints Water Festival. As you may know, the Beats x Beers Tour has been all over the country in the past two months catering to artist in top hip hop markets. Brandon Corder, hip-hop producer and founder of Beats X Beers is a native of Flint, Michigan as well as many of the BxB staff who is supportive of the Flint Water Festival which is boosting awareness about the water crisis happening in the city.

Flint will be headlined by none other than Ira Dorsey and Matt Hinkle of the legendary group Dayton FamilyKing IssaJakeFella + Yung Rudy Da BiznessTHOU formerly known as 1000 BarsLyric Da QueenVelly Baretta, DCP Tony  B and more.

There will be a special tribute for the 'ate rapper MC BREED. MC Breed was creator of the classic "Ain't No Future In Ya Frontin" and he will forever be considered a legend in Flint.

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Beats x Beers Festival is coming to Flint

Beats x Beers will be live during Flint Water Festival on July 4th.

Beats x Beers is a showcase platform for upcoming artist to gain exposure and has been city to city over the past month. BxB is led by Brandon Corder, a hip-hop producer who has worked with major artist such as Big K.R.I.T.,  and more. Brandon, a native of Flint has been paving the way for music scene for many years. It's only right for the BxB's team to return back home to fight for the cause.

The festival will feature various forms of entertainment,
festive activities, and engaging educational presentations from 1PM-9PM,
using BxB's platform and leverage within the music and entertainment
industries in hopes to bring much-needed attention to the current
conditions of our water around the world.



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Take Over The Summer: BxB: Summer Shandy Playlist

Summer is almost here and BEATS X BEERS just released one hell of a playlist on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. 

 BxB: Summer Shandy is a all new 27-track playlist that was released on streaming outlets such as Tidal, and Spotify. From start to finish, the playlist is loaded with songs that will take the summer by storm. Just take time to turn up the volume while you workout and listen to hit singles such as Beyonce x Jay Z's "Shining", Meek Mill's "Whatever You Need"  or sing along to Kendrick Lamar's "DNA" and Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3" while you take a drive around the city.

The playlist appears to have some dope new singles from upcoming artist such as DCP Tony B's will remind you of Juicy J on "Hallelujah", Joe Gifted's "Water" is one that will probably make it into rotation in the strip club before the summer is over and K. Roosevelt's x Hit Boy's "Do Me Now"

Beats x Beers team also added songs that will take you back a few years back from 50 Cent's "What Up Gangsta" to hit single such as Rick Ross x John Legend's "Magnificent" Miguel's "How Many Drinks". The playlist have some very catchy songs from upcoming artist with mad potential to mainstream artist.


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Let's just say.... I know there's gonna be "Good Times"!


Official lineup announced for Beats x Beers Tour [Dallas] on 4/21

Beats x Beers just announced the full line up for their upcoming tour set to kick off deep in the heart of Texas.

Dallas, Texas is home to approximately 2.2 million people, mostly fans of country music and very southern rooted. But don't confuse Dallas to be like the rest of Texas; it's a place where you can find many people with Northern-Midwestern roots and also find some of the most successful independent artist in the nation. Fat Pimp and Yella Beezy, two of the hottest artist in Dallas will be the headlining act on Beats x Beers tour as it make a stop in Dallas. Texas legendary DJ and music pioneer DJ Michael "5000" Watts will also be headlining as our celebrity guest DJ. Other artist performing will be Mike Ceasar, Raw Elementz, MykFresh and more. 

  Lavish The DJ will be Beats x Beers official DJ in Dallas. Hosted by Spaceship OHayse


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BxB Premier: JIMBO x FATTS "HARD TIMES" (Produced by TexasBoy)

Flint rappers Jimbo x Fats is back with another street anthem titled "Hard Times" which has a visual that was released on 4/10. Flint notable rapper 1000 Bars directed and posted the video on his YouTube channel and it has already gained over 5K views and counting. Gaining a national buzz generating a fan base and growing it, Fats who recently released his debut mix-tape entitled "Rumors and Allegations" is setting the tone spitting real life facts bringing the Dayton Family and Top Authority days back to Flint.

With the Flint Water Crisis being one of the most talked about topics in the world for the last couple years, Flint has become a place for many celebrities to pop up on the door steps in rural places of the local community. That alone could make Jimbo x Fats the very next artist to receive a major break coming out of Flint, Michigan. After making an appearance on Flints very own 93.7 with Messo, Jimbo x Fats flew out to New York City for a interview with Kay Slay on his radio show in the recent week along with David Pablo, a rapper and entrepreneur who's mentioned in the song as being a helping hand.

Together these guys has been really creating a buzz that will soon set the whole state of Michigan on ablaze and soon it will spread like a wildfire.  


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Beats x Beers Tour Dates Announced

Beats x Beers Tour dates has officially been announced on their website. with plans to stop in Dallas, Atlanta, Portland, Houston, Los Angeles, Flint and more cities to be announced. 

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